This is an idea I came up with between my times working with the Brodsky Quartet at Saffron Hall, and Sydney Symphony and Youth Orchestras in Australia, on music projects and camps run for young people.

During the course of the camps, I noticed a massive gap in the market. Many different members of staff were struggling to fit into the many media-related roles; Education Directors desperately trying to post on Facebook amongst their already jam-packed day, taking mediocre pictures whilst running to their next meeting; organisers posting the odd Tweet as and when they remember; inconsistent content, often posted by office-based people who hadn’t even managed to get on location due to their busy schedules, therefore not portraying the levels excitement and variety of emotions experienced through out the project.

What I provide is all media roles, rolled into one; social (setting up/running Facebook, Twitter and Instagram), photography, and documenting the week through videos, with interviews and a highlights document of the week. To ensure a consistent voice and personal account of the project, I would be there from the start until the end. This constant report and documentation of the project from start-to-finish would allow parents and prospective students to see what students are getting up to, as well as students to have memories to look back on. Current students would also be able to contribute their own pictures and thoughts through the hashtag. 

This service has proved massively successful and popular with the organisations mentioned above, as well as when pitched to other companies. Students loved having an account of their experience; from day one, when they're all new and nervous, through to the end, showing their huge progression and creations.

Why hire potentially three different professionals when Media Chick offers it all! This role would work perfectly in a children's music course situation, summer school, lengthy music festival, and much more. Please get in touch with me if this sounds like something you'd be interested in! I think it is a very exciting prospect and a wonderful thing to be able to offer.